The New Britain Transportation Company

Safety Department


The primary goal of New Britain Transportation’s School Bus Division is to provide the safest form of transportation and to properly develop and maintain the knowledge, attitudes, and skills required to provide a safe, reliable, and efficient student transportation system.  This includes overseeing the School Bus Driver Certification & Re-certification Course to ensure drivers are highly educated to transport students in the safest conditions.

Our Safety Department is staffed by a Risk Manager, a Training Coordinator and 4 Certified Trainers.  We provide ongoing training to all of our employees.  We have monthly safety meetings to keep everyone informed of the ever changing State and Federal laws, rules and regulations, and company policies.  We discuss passenger management openly with our employees to allow them to share their successes and tips on how they are able to manage passengers.

Our Safety Committee consists of our Safety Department staff, a mechanic and a driver representative from each of our school bus divisions and our transit division.  They review accidents that have happened and make recommendations as to if the driver was at fault and what could be done to prevent another occurrence.  They also interact with our drivers to review safety ideas for continuing education.

We also do School bus safety days for all of the students in our 3 divisions to help ensure every child is aware of what is expected of them while they wait for the bus, ride the bus and exit the bus.  School bus evacuation training for the students is imperative in case there is an emergency.  Teaching our kids as well as parents is just as important as teaching our drivers the importance of school bus safety.

We also offer training for those who need to obtain a CDL.  For more information click here.

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